Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Shines a Light on Migration

Europe is in a bit of a state. As the UK triggers Article 50, and the populists stir up anxieties about national identity, our leaders debate the very future of the EU. In this environment, maintaining a cultural dialogue is critical and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam does not shy away, presenting a series of five exhibitions in 2017 that speak directly to the theme of migration. In a recent interview for De Volkskrant, the Stedelijk’s director, Beatrix Ruf said “It is … Continue reading

Mátyási’s Magnificent Mountains

Europe’s Alps have always been revered as one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders, and painter Péter Mátyási’s representation of them showing at the Molnár Ani Galéria in Budapest is sure to fire up even more amazement. The everyday household materials he used to create the seven pieces shown in his exhibit, “Wunderwelt,” are practically tantamount to a minor mountain climbing challenge. Using only masking tape, electrical tape, plexi-glass film, a few lightbulbs, and … Continue reading


Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto is no ordinary gallery experience, by any stretch. I saw it on a friend’s recommendation, on a short trip to Berlin. Berlin being, well, Berlin, the trip was a frantic whirlwind of awesome, so the gallery visit was squeezed into the final day. From the moment of entry, it became apparent that trying to rush this one was a HUGE MISTAKE. Entering through black curtains into a completely dark room, a large screen shows a … Continue reading