Varga’s Score Captures the Silly Seriousness of 1924

In 1966, history professors in the U.S. spoke carefully worded provisos regarding Soviet Russia’s promise that it would be able to penetrate the leadership of America without firing a single shot. The recent resurrection of a 1924 silent Soviet propaganda film, with a new score by composer Judit Varga, made its Hungarian debut on Jan. 12 at MÜPA. The occasion was a delightful combination of lively arts and a fascinating vehicle of political perspective. Directed … Continue reading

Peaky Blinders – Art on the Small Screen

Why on earth would I review a television show in an arts review journal? Put simply BBC Two’s Peaky Blinders is as close as it’s possible to get to a truly artistic experience on television.  If you don’t believe me, here’s a quick search of Google Image. I maintain that you’d pay money to see a photographic exhibition of this quality. The composition of every shot is considered, the lighting reminiscent of a recent wander through the Rijksmuseum. OK that … Continue reading