The enchanting, joyful, Infinita by Berlin based, Familie Flöz provided another dose of cultural delight, courtesy of the Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival. Infinita is about the beginning and end of things. A puzzle of life and death in which the first struggles of a baby and scenes from childhood, are interwoven with moments from the end of life. The play debuted in 2006, and ten years of performance and stellar reviews prove that the story is timeless. Not an evening to dally over a pre-show … Continue reading

Maurice Le Noir Presents UNTITLED (a conflict with concretism)

Orange Tea Theatre TOON, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, 7 September 2016 A mouthful of a title, but a simple and engaging premise. Monsieur Le Noir, the performance and conceptual artist everyone has come to see, is missing, so management have coerced his musical accompanist to step in and deliver the show. Enter Martha, his loyal assistant and one time muse, desperately playing the trumpet while attempting to replicate Le Noir’s monument of concrete blocks. As she becomes … Continue reading